Have you ever asked
your dearest customer.
what he will miss
when you are
no longer there?

Meet Klaas Meekma

After graduating from the university of Groningen (MBA) Klaas worked for over 15 years in sales and general management positions in different industries and at renowned companies like Avery Dennison, Sapa AB and Alumax.

In 1999 Klaas started his own business. In different roles, interim manager, consultant, trainer and coach, he helped companies located in Germany, Switzerland, Austria, the UK and also the Netherlands. Besides multi-national companies he also worked with mid-sized, family-owned companies.
Klaas gathered experience in various industries, like metals & mining, commercial transportation, engineered products, building & materials, industrial suppliers, recycling, wholesale, IT- services, promotion, health care and financial companies, consultancy and also non-profit.

He is intrigued by the question, why so many companies still neglect to ask  'What do customers value? What really satisfies their needs, wants, and aspiration?‘ And additionally, why do they still try to answer this question themselves?
Based on a profound knowledge and over 30 years of experience in dealing with customers, tried and tested from successes and sometimes also failures, he firmly believes that customers are just like regular people. Therefore, dealing with customers is confusingly simple, but often complicatedly thought.

When he is not on stage, he likes to ski, either as certified ski instructor or as freerider.
He also enjoys his family life with wife and daughter.

“Often the difference between success and failure is not one's better abilities or ideas, but the courage to bet on his ideas, to take a calculated risk and to act ”

Maxwell Maltz

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                  NL6114 RJ  Susteren
  • Tel:      +31 46 449 7346
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