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Are you looking for a speaker for your upcoming event? A speaker who speaks from the perspective of your guests, serving their aims? A speaker who motivates your staff, who challenges them with his ideas and thoughts, someone who engages and moves them? A speaker who is enthusiast, spontaneous and memorable?

"My task as a speaker is to transfer a message worth listening to, an idea valuable to the listeners."

The issue of dealing with customers is fascinating. After all, the customer is the reason for a company’s existence, even in the digitalised world.
Select the appropriate theme and discover how your strategic behaviour and daily practises determine your relationship with customers:

  • The future of customer relationships in the digitalised world of Industry 4.0 and blockchain
  • Sales and Purchasing: a complicated relationship
  • The customer obsession: customer centricity in your daily business
  • Price pressure and price strategy: a high price isn’t really that awkward

In his speeches and key note talks Klaas Meekma emphasizes that customers are just like regular people. Therefore, dealing with customers is confusingly simple, but often complicatedly thought. The talks are:

  • fully tailored to your need having customer orientated and solution-focused content.
  • based in scientifically proven business theories, as content need prove. Nevertheless allowing some necessary margins and personal interpretations
  • practice-orientated. Content become valuable for you only if it applies to your business and direct transfer of knowledge to your daily business is provided.
  • entertaining, humorous - yes indeed, the Dutch do share with the English an ability to laugh at themselves - but also challenging and even sometimes confrontational. Sometimes Dutch straight talking takes a bit of getting used to, but it does have its advantages. At least you know where you stand. Surprisingly you may even conclude that occasionally Dutch directness may be not so bad after all.
  • having a practical foundation, as you can't leave out 30 years of experience in sales and marketing and over 16 years of entrepreneurship.

Klaas Meekma always focuses on high quality of delivery. Any speech of course will be discussed in detail before delivery to guarantee the perfect experience and results.


“We are all capable of change and growth, we just need to know where to begin”

Blaine Lee

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