Make 2013 a year of relaxation


In December 2012 it was thought that the World would come to an end. As the Maya Calendar stopped a lot of people were under this impression. Anyhow I took the courage to send my customers, friends and acquaintances by means of a little epistle instead of the usual greeting card.

I got quite some reactions. A large number of entrepreneurs obviously recognized benefits from declining spreadsheet fundamentalism. Others clearly had more difficulties not having the directive guidance of a plan. Occasionally I was pointed to the saying: ‘failing to plan is planning to fail’. I really do believe in this saying as long as ‘plan’ is replaced by ‘preparation’. SalesBase subscribers do know how much I value preparation.
With reference to Ben Payol’s 'Most plans are just inaccurate predictions' turn 2013 into a blissful year as

Debudgetation brings relaxation

The start of each new year brings often new intentions. Many times these intentions result in disappointments. Companies do translate their intentions into plans and budgets. However all this budgeting generally doesn’t result into a fully satisfying feeling.

Being an entrepreneur, one has started the realization of one’s dream. At least I really do hope so, as when entrepreneurship is the alternative for unemployment, there will be a true possibility of disappointment. To realise your dream most likely you require many years. In between regularly, at the end of each year, every entrepreneur takes stock. Are expectations realized? What went well? Where are the bummers? At the same time one is already thinking about the improvements to be made in the coming year. Consequently entrepreneurs and managers are making plans and budgets.
Many amongst us are making a plan and a corresponding budget to survive the coming year. The crisis requires such a survival plan. Just the same kind of survival plan they made for the past years. And are these plans realized? Isn’t it the case that every year we have to conclude that very little of those plans came true?
Good ideas are often neglected by biased budgets. How would your innovative mind power works without the plans and budgets restricting your creative spirit. Most likely beautiful ideas are developed out of your company’s basic values and ambitions.

Blot out the plans and budgets
Writing the above, I am asking myself if things wouldn’t go much better without this entire plan making and budgeting. Simply return to the original dream and conviction, which I had when I started my company. If I take that conviction as the core value and my decisions, initiatives and actions are consistently measured against this value, it is most likely that 2013 will be a good year.

The first gain is already obtained. I invest no more time and therefore no more money in making plans. Neither do I require weeks of implementation and execution of those plans. The time gained can be invested into customers, into real personal contacts with my clients. You’ll never know what beautiful results that may bring.

In short, I foresee a splendid year. I’m spending much more of my time with my customers. Time I have acquired from debudgetation. And saying this, I immediately realise that this debudgetation already includes a fair bit of relaxation.

Klaas Meekma


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