What do customers want

What do customers want? How do you find out what customers want? In 1954 Peter F. Drucker declared there is only one purpose of a business: to create a customer. Nearly 65 years have passed, and it still seems many businesses are struggling to understand this fundamental concept.

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My Insane Honesty

Yesterday evening, I could choose between watching football (soccer) or go on YouTube to listen to a few keynote speeches.  So I did what every reasonable guy would do.

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How Powerless Negotiators Achieve Better Prices

When small industry suppliers are selling into large companies they often feel powerlessness. They believe that they haven't the possibility to achieve a good deal, because they don't really have a good alternative. When you are negotiating a deal it pays to have viable alternatives to fall back on – or at least that’s what most people think.

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Your Single Customer Value Proposition

To figure out what it is that your customer values in relation to your proposal, is one of the most essential business questions. However, this may not be an easy question to answer.

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Are you putting your customer first?

How many of you are really putting your customer first? How many of you would tell your customers during your sales call: “Dear Mr Customer, down the road there is a guy, who can sell you something better than I can. Let me walk you over and introduce you.” Let me ask you the question again, are you putting your customers first?

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For the times they are a-changin

Come writers and critics
Who prophesize with your pen
And keep your eyes wide
The chance won't come again

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Being the best isn't good enough

By sending invoices regularly there is a real possibility that you start believing to be quite good in what is mentioned on the invoice. As a result you start telling this to your customers and prospects. Until one day you may notice that neither your customers nor your prospects are really impressed.

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Crisis? It's about customer focus

A crisis should be the most exciting time for an entrepreneur. You get the opportunity to show what you are able to. Finally you can show the world your entrepreneurial skills. You are the one to enable your company to flourish, even in more difficult times. Your company is there for your customers also when they have difficulties. You are the one who really helps customers, aren’t you?

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Make 2013 a year of relaxation


In December 2012 it was thought that the World would come to an end. As the Maya Calendar stopped a lot of people were under this impression. Anyhow I took the courage to send my customers, friends and acquaintances by means of a little epistle instead of the usual greeting card.

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From crisis into progress

The word ‘crisis’ does have unmistakably a negative implication. Crisis is related to disruption in growth, mental dip or decrease. Though, the origin of the word crisis is much more positive. The word crisis originates out of Greek and means moment of truth. A moment in which a decision has to be taken, in other words a turning-point.

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A thousand miles journey starts with a single step

Often assignments from foreign principals are very interesting. One gets the opportunity to experience differences in business cultures and business views.

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